Help win increased investment for creatives

Help convince the UK to support additional culture and creative industries investment.

It’s time to add your voice for the need for investment in the cultural and creative industries sector in Europe.  Many of us have spent years helping to accumulate the evidence base for the value of culture and creativity, but to little effect as so many in the higher echelons of political, public and business life seem allergic to this kind of strategic investment for the future.  But here we have our colleagues in the European Union successfully plugging away at a major uplift that could, if it successfully negotiates the final hurdles, make a significant impact on employment opportunity for the young, sectoral growth and European competitiveness.   Budgetary growth of 37% to a €1.8bn. seven year programme from 2014 is just the kind of intervention that is needed.  Furthermore the bringing together of the Culture and MEDIA programmes will offer new opportunities for cross sectoral development and a co-ordinated response to the digital opportunity.  A new guarantee fund (€210m.) to be delivered by the European Investment Fund aims to lock in the banks to investment opportunity and to be SME friendly.

The UK could be a real barrier to this initiative and was one of only six countries to oppose the previous bid to raise the budget in this area. It is important that the UK sector makes its voice heard so that Government understands what there is to gain from backing this proposal.  The deadline for consultative responses is fast approaching (16th March).  The following link takes you to the site that explains how to respond and provides more information.

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