MSP John Swinney’s contribution to Nesta’s Edinburgh innovation event was heartfelt: “innovation and creativity are relevant in all walks of life”. His examples were mostly in the public sector and mostly emphasised both the potential for innovative use of technology to be responsive to diverse user needs and how this saves significant amount of public money. The most surprising fact of the session was John Woodward’s graph showing that Scots watch ever more TV, over 4 hours a day at present. He argues that television remains at the forefront of communications developments.  John also provided the scariest slide, illustrating MirriAd’s digital post production product placement.   The most pleasing initiative was Leith’s ‘Local Edge’ project, which has developed a ‘disloyalty card’ to encourage local shopping as part of their hyper-local working. The most satisfying – central belt independent cinemas collaborating to launch an online slate of independent films and cross marketing with performing arts neighbours.  http://www.nesta.org.uk/assets/events/nesta_in_edinburgh

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