The experimental expert

We had to wait until the concluding remarks of Prof. Melissa Leach to hear the word ‘culture’ at the STEPS Symposium on ‘expertise, uncertainty and the global politics of scientific advice’.  While the tenor of the debate was rooted in concerns as to how science works as part of political economy and society as a whole, the question of how experts deal with this was left underdeveloped.  Those of us working in the CCI know that science, creativity and culture are profoundly intertwined for pretty much everybody.  There is a growing interest in trans-disciplinary collaboration coming from the worlds of both culture and ‘hard’ science.  The absence of experts to support more integrated and holistic research and practice is laid at the door of the science/humanities split forced upon our children, but in reality we need to do something now and this means prioritising trans-disciplinary expertise.

                                                       Image: Princeton University’s Upright Embryos meet Kandinsky’s Colour Study

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