Seeding Symbiosis

Drew Wylie consulting supports ASCUS art science collaborative.  The Director of Drew Wylie, Andrew Ormston, recently spoke at two key events for interdisciplinary working in Scotland.  The first was the Creative Scotland & Museums Galleries Scotland ‘Insights & Ideas’ seminar scheduled to coincide with Edinburgh’s International Science Festival.  Andrew introduced ASCUS and provided an overview of art / science collaborative activity, including international opportunities and citizen science developments  (http://april13insightscafe.eventbrite.com/).  Andrew then introduced the Imagining Natural Scotland information session in Edinburgh with ASCUS colleagues, including composer Julian Wagstaff and Simon Flower from the British Geological Survey (http://imaginingnaturalscotland.org.uk/).  Both events were well attended and ended with fascinating Q&As.

There are signs of a deepening interest in collaboration that reaches beyond just communicating science.

Image: Victimless Leather, a prototype of a stitchless jacket grown in a technoscientific “body”, 2004, by Oron Catts and Ionat Zurr  (CultureLab)

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