high on a hill sat a... - Version 2Drew Wylie’s session at last week’s ITAC3 conference was very enjoyable, not least because there were delegates from four different continents in the room so discussions had an element of surprise to them. The format looked at two different projects (Sensing Place & Made in Corby) through the prism of six ideas that underpinned them and that had come to the fore in conference debates.  These ranged from assumptions about what constitutes a cultural deficit, to partnerships translating into sustainability, to projects where the role of the artist is both catalyst and guarantor of quality.

The resulting debate raised both principles and issues. I was particularly struck by the call to trust participants with all elements of a project, and a related point about projects adopting too narrow a definition of artistic quality.  These two simple points capture the essence of what we are trying to achieve in Sensing Place and in Made in Corby and may be helpful touchstones as we move forward.

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